While the world of entrepreneurship is diverse in many aspects, statistics show that it is mainly dominated by men. Aside from having to compete with the male dominated market, women must also learn to balance motherhood,marriage and many other responsibilities alongside chasing their dreams of owning a business. Becoming a business owner as a woman takes courage, skill and determination. Here are 5 black women entrepreneurs whose products and services exemplify excellence!

1. Cryss Simmons: Body Crystals

Body Crystals began in 2012 when Crystal Simmons realized her husband needed something to moisturize his skin and whipped up a moisturizer using all natural products. In that moment, Body Crystals was born. Since then, she has over 10 different products ranging from sugar scrubs to body oils, to body meringues and soufflés that can be used during and after a hot shower. Each product comes with an array of tantalizing scents created from natural elements as well as various sizes to fit your needs. Body Crystals can be bought as gifts for others, party favors, or simply for personal use in the pleasure of your own home.

2. Darilyn May: May I?

May I? is a personal chef service started by Darilyn May that specializes in in-home meal services, private dinner parties, secret chef, and meal planning for busy individuals in the Atlanta area. With a love for cooking in her heart, Darilyn May decided to pursue her dreams and has since been servicing individuals and families in various ways. From private events to personal dietary needs, May I? is your go to for tasty, healthy meals for any occasion.

3. Myleik Teele: CurlBox

Myleik Teele began CurlBox in 2011 in efforts to revolutionize the natural hair care world and fill a void in the beauty market. CurlBox is a monthly beauty subscription service that sends members up to seven natural hair care products that have been vetted for women with multi-textured hair. As a former publicist, Myleik set out to serve women who may be overwhelmed by the abundance of crèmes, conditioners, and products for natural women. Five years later, CurlBox is an extremely lucrative business as it is helping women everywhere experience the natural hair journey in a way that can be tailored to them. Since launching her business, Myleik has gone on to produce podcasts, deliver Ted talks and speak to women around the country about entrepreneurship and her views on success.

4. Qiana L. Gordon: Urban Temple Studio Spa

Urban Temple Studio Spa is a massage therapy & alternative medical practice that focuses on creating a beautiful environment with quality therapeutic treatments. This cozy, quaint studio was birthed by Qiana L. Gordon in 2010. With a relaxing atmosphere and professional massage therapist, the Urban Temple Studio Spa is the perfect place to visit when in need of a relaxing and a revitalizing experience. As a licensed massage therapist, Ms. Gordon strives to create a wellness center that focuses on the whole body healing. She has combined massage therapy, fitness, yoga and nutrition to create that reality for her clients. A wife and mother of four, this business owner is able to balance family life with her dreams!

5. Syconda Booker: Salon 413

Birthed in 2010, Salon 413 is a salon in metro Atlanta with a heart and soul for the beautification of its customers both inside and out. A royally decorated salon with a family atmosphere, Salon 413 was started by Syconda Booker after her many years of working for others. She felt the urge to create her own atmosphere and after much hesitation, she took the plunge into entrepreneurship. Three kids and six years later, she is still in her shop with a smile and peace in her heart. Facing the responsibilities and tough decisions that comes with being a wife and mother, Syconda has always managed to put her family first while maintaining her salon in excellence. With several other hair stylists on her team, Syconda is the epitome of a leader that loves herself and loves those that come in and out of her salon.