Congratulations are in order to Serena Williams as she proved to us that what you do off the court matters too. For those of you who missed her commendable act, Serena helped to build a school in Jamaica during what some are calling the blackest Black History Month. Her nonprofit organization, the Serena Williams Fund, partnered with Helping Hands Jamaica to build the school, Salt Marsh Primary School.

What’s more impressive is that Serena was hands on during the process. She posted pictures on her Instagram of her hammering, painting walls, and cutting the ribbon. There has been a myriad of people praising the hard-working, dedicated, and highly decorated athlete for the giving of her time and efforts. She went above and beyond just writing a check and showing up to cut the ribbon at the ribbon cutting ceremony. As one resource stated, “She paid in sweat!” She not only gave money towards the project, but she made her presence tangible; a presence that many will feel for years to come.

Serena is doing a great thing for underserved communities in the area of education. This is her third school that she has assisted in building since 2008. In November of 2008, she opened a secondary school in Kenya in which over 10,000 children and 8,000 adults attended the grand opening. In 2010, Williams revisited Kenya to open another secondary school.

Serena Williams 2

Serena Williams has a passion for being in a position to help provide others with the opportunity for an education. She states on her nonprofit website that she is, “honored by the rare opportunity she has to use her global platform.” Furthermore, the focus of her nonprofit is to create equal access to education and assisting victims of senseless community violence. She commits to end this by partnering with organization and leaders doing great work to positively impact communities and the lives of other human beings both nationally and globally.

Serena, a giver on and off the court; she definitely embodies the mentality of a true selfless community leader!