For years, women have been caught in what the business world likes to call the “double bind”. Where too much femininity is seen as a weakness and too much “masculinity” is seen as overbearing and unattractive. As of today, there are 8.3 million women-owned businesses in the United States, while places like London and Iceland are beginning to promote the value of women in business. This topic came to mind after watching the Netflix show “House of Lies.” In the show, I noticed that the character Jeannie had a great advantage when the team was closing their consultant deals. While just a show, I believe “House Of Lies” depicted a true reality; the reality that there are strong advantages to being a woman in business.

Reason #1: Relationships & Community

Despite popular belief, women are great at developing relationships and fostering a sense of community in the workplace. Honest business women have the ability to fulfill a need that employees and coworkers have for connection. Women are also able to see the wide range of needs; giving her the ability to create work environments that are conducive for a variety of different lifestyles. Building relationships and creating community are important factors in fostering the perfect atmosphere for productivity and success.

Reason #2: Nurturing & Making Decisions

Women are natural nurturers. Created to nurture and care for others, women have the instinctive ability to patiently and lovingly see a process through or help things grow; including businesses.

In comparison to the masculine approach to driving to a goal, women are able to make keen decisions by paying attention to detail, gathering input, and synthesizing perspectives. Their decisions are made through analyzation, listening, and observation of behaviors and demeanor.

Reason #3: Charm & Influence

Women have the ability to speak through to a person’s soul if she so desires. Our natural meekness gives way to persuasion that presents request as opposed to demand. Finessing a way with words combined with the soft sternness, women are able to sway partners, coworkers, or potential clients towards the decision that will benefit the company. Being polite while also asking questions is a great way that women are able to marry charm and influence to get the desired outcome.

Reason #4: Intuition & Emotional Intelligence

It is common knowledge that women have a natural intuition. Whether it’s detecting problems within our families or at work; a woman’s intuition has been proven effective over and over again. Intuition in business is just as important as it allows women to be successful simply because they’ve followed their gut. In addition, women are known to have a high emotional intelligence. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to perceive and understand both our own emotions and the emotions of others, and to use this information to help guide how we think and behave.

When it comes to leadership, emotional intelligence means having self-awareness, empathy, and the ability to listen, among other things. Women can leverage their aptitude with emotional intelligence when it comes to leading companies.

Reason #5: Multi-Tasking

Then there is multi-tasking. Have you ever seen a mother of two keep her children occupied while creating a business plan or designing a website? I have. Aside from mothers, most women have become adept at multi-tasking all aspects of their lives—often out of necessity rather than any desire to be a multi-tasking wizard.The business arena is often very busy with demanding tasks and problems. The woman’s ability to excel in a busy environment by multi-tasking (and doing it well) is invaluable! This ability to multi-task is not only important, it’s necessary for the businesswoman who often finds herself wearing many different hats all at the same time.

Reason #6: Tenacity

Tenacity is the sidekick to multi-tasking. While women have often been depicted as weak and incapable of leading big companies, I would argue that the opposite is true. Women are tenacious! Women do not give up until they get what they want and what they need. From mothers who work a full day and then come home and clean, take care of kids and a husband; to women who are striving towards a goal in education or a career; women are go getters. It is engrained in the mind of the woman that she will do, simply because she can! There is an incomparable strength that lies within each woman. A human built to endure menstrual cycles, childbirth, constant hormone imbalance and many other intricacies is a human that can literally do anything she decides to do.