Discover amazing black-owned businesses in cities around the US with “This Week’s Top 10 Spendefy Favorites™”.

Edgewood Pizza

1. Edgewood Pizza

Located on the corner of Edgewood Avenue and Boulevard in Atlanta’s historic Old Fourth Ward neighborhood, Edgewood Pizza provides insanely great pizza by the slice or pie to the people. Their massive King slice is known world wide – from Atlanta to Sicily. Dine in, hang out at our bar, get take out or delivery, or grab a slice after a late night on the block. Click image above to see Edgewood’s listing on Spendefy.

Partridge Law Firm

2. Partridge Law Firm

Partridge Law Firm is for the community and from the community. We provide legal services to entrepreneurs and entertainment clients (film and music), fitting their budget without compromising work quality. Our firm also provides legal services in the area of criminal defense, specifically traffic, misdemeanor, and select felony cases. Click image above to see Partridge Law Firm listing on Spendefy.

The Red Door

3. The Red Door

Our space located is located in Stone Mountain, GA. It is an intimate space for birthday parties, baby showers, rehearsal dinners and meetings. Click image above to see The Red Door listing on Spendefy.

Iron Lion Maintenance Services

4. Iron Lion Maintenance Services

We at Iron Lion Maintenance Services specialize in HVAC, plumbing, electrical service and installation. We service the Metro Atlanta Area. Click image above to see Iron Lion Maintenance Services listing on Spendefy.


5. HABESHA, Inc.

HABESHA, Inc. is a Pan-African organization that cultivates leadership in youth and families through practical experiences in cultural education, sustainable agriculture, entrepreneurship, holistic health, and technology. Click image above to see HABESHA’s listing on Spendefy.


The Team behind “BraidedWigs.Com” is exciting to offer some of our most creative and beautiful products ever! Checkout our site at “BraidedWigs.Com” to see the latest wigs hand made right here in the Atlanta area! We have 20+ years experience in hair care and we’re pouring that knowledge into each wig that we produce. Each week, new wigs that no one has seen before are created and posted on the site. Click image above to see listing on Spendefy.

Crown of Glory Beauty Supply

7. Crown of Glory Beauty Supply

Crown of Glory Beauty Supply is your one-stop shop for all things beauty! Click image above to see Crown of Glory Beauty’s listing on Spendefy.

Appropriate Accounting Services

8. Appropriate Accounting Services

Appropriate Accounting Services is an experienced firm in the Greater Atlanta Area specializing in tax preparation & planning for individuals and small businesses. We also offer small business bookkeeping & accounting, auditing, budgeting and business strategies. Our value-based solutions improve our clients’ financial awareness, knowledge and organization with appropriate accounting services based on integrity, reliability, quality customer service, and enhanced resources. Click image above to see Appropriate Accounting Services listing on Spendefy.

SightsSet Business Consulting

9. SightsSet Business Consulting

SightsSet is an Atlanta-based consultancy focused on connecting companies with consumers through consumer-centric market research techniques and innovative brand management. Since launch, we have been integral in the launch, re-branding, and/or strategic decisions of dozens of businesses through branding, marketing planning, and insights. Our Capabilities Include: Logo & Website Design, Customized Consumer Research, Strategic Marketing Planning, and Social Media Management. Click image above to see SightsSet’s listing on Spendefy.


Enjoying Deals is a company that started with a selfless philosophy of having two things in mind, you the business owner and the consumer. Enjoying Deals realizes that we live in a market where businesses are suffering financially and where consumers are looking to save more money on the things they enjoy. Click image above to see Enjoying Deals listing on Spendefy.