Tech Trends to Watch 2017

The major tech trends for 2017 are no surprise to anyone. Living in this era in which products are sold to us from every angle, it is simple to point out which trends companies are most concerned in marketing. We have selected our top 3 favorite trends that we feel will change life as we know it in 2017.


  • Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR)


It was hard to ignore the craze behind Pokémon Go, an AR game that took the entire nation by storm from the moment it was released in 2016. You literally had to be under a rock in order to avoid watching someone attempting to “catch em all” anywhere you went.

“Pokémon Go pulled over $950 million in consumer spending before the end of 2016, with $800 million of that happening within 110 days of release.” – Alissa McLoon via Gamasutra

That is only one small example of the impact in which AR and VR is disrupting our use of everyday technologies. It is pushing boundaries as mobile devices and software must be amplified to continue the trend. For example, the early iPhones would never have been able to utilize an app of that capacity due to software limitations that are now the norm. As the VR race for the next update and new feature thickens after the release of the Oculus Rift, companies are constantly competing to make their version the top pick for consumers.


  • Physical Digital Integration With Major Companies


This trend is interesting in how the two worlds are crossing paths and creating new competition that normally wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for this trend. As Walmart is creating new digital features and Amazon is creating physical items for purchase. However, it is a field day for consumers because it broadens their options as they can compare and contrast items and digital formats in new ways.


  • IoT (Internet of Things)


This is probably the most exciting of the tech trends. Major companies are attempting to be the first to dominate, but we are still waiting to see what happens next. Smart homes give room for smart cars, which in turn can lead to smart roads, cities, etc. All the information provided can better the lives of the masses (when used wisely, of course), but it is difficult to improve to such an extent with the current competition. Through collaboration, products would run seamlessly. As the year opens and we see the presence of larger companies’ interest in taking up IoT technology (Google, Apple, Amazon), we expect the innovations to make a major drift in how many people live. From the way we find answers, lock our doors, drive our cars, and order our food, our world can change significantly withing the next 11 months.

Technology is constantly building upon itself thanks to the imaginations of men. It would ultimately be unfair to box in which directions these companies will take it. Although we can only estimate the direction in which these trends are going, we can rest assured that the possibilities are endless.