Dr. Hadiyah Green has an answer to cancer.

Dr. Green is a multi-disciplinary physicist who specializes in targeted cancer therapeutics, using laser-activated nanoparticles and immunotherapies to develop biomarker-specific platforms to target, image, and treat malignant tumors.

The Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation was founded by Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green in memory of her aunt, Ora Lee “Auntee” Smith, whose tragic experience with cancer inspired her to develop a cancer treatment without side effects. Ora Lee Smith raised Dr. Green from four years old, serving as her mother & legal guardian. When Auntee announced that she had cancer and would rather die than experience the harsh side effects of chemotherapy & radiation treatments, Dr. Green knew there had to be a better way.

The purpose of the Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation is to support the research that Auntee inspired in hopes that one day no one else will have to opt out of treatment to avoid the side effects of today’s cancer treatment.

You can make a donation to the Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation in support of their cancer treatment here.