Good Karma was created to “show people how to live a holistic life.” Shevaun Johnson, creator of Good Karma, has created the place for everything you need to rid yourself of harmful chemicals. She created Good Karma to supply the world with natural, everyday hygiene, aromatherapy products and catering.

Shevaun, has been vegetarian for twelve years and a vegan for three; which has led to a strong passion for all things natural. Her online store is stocked with all natural deodorants, whipped Shea butter and toothpaste, amongst other oils and aromatherapy products. Every product is handmade, free of chemicals and infused with natural, decadent scents.

In addition to her store, you can solicit her catering services by ordering trays of delicious vegan entrees for your home or event. Shevaun’s experiences and research distinguish her products from the rest making Good Karma the best place to uniquely, and naturally take care of your mind, body and soul.

Good Karma believes our bodies were created to thrive on their own. “We just need to eliminate the things that are hindering it from doing so. What’s good for the body is good for your mind, spirit, and the Earth.”

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