On December 25, 2016, Hidden Figures was released in theaters and inspired us all! This movie left us with a plethora of emotions. We were proud of black women all over the world. We were happy that these specific black women (Katherine G. Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson) were acknowledged for the contribution they made to the development of NASA. And lastly, we were mad because we never heard of them before now. Growing up, everyone made sure we knew about Neil Armstrong – the white man who was supposedly the first American to land on the moon. However, no one told us about Katherine Johnson (played beautifully by Taraji P. Henson) who was obviously using black girl magic back in the sixties.

Unfortunately, these three women are simply the tip of the iceberg when it comes to hidden figures in our community who have accomplished so much in their industry. Imagine if you knew about Katherine, Dorothy, and Mary while you were in school? Would you have been more interested in space? Would you have been more excited about math? How would this have changed your paradigm about the possibilities of career choices you had?

Needless to say, after watching Hidden Figures, our team at Spendefy felt compelled to search for black women across the country who may be hidden in our community. We’ve discovered women who are definitely making “black history” right now. No longer will we wait for others to tell our stories. No longer will we wait for our heroes to pass before we recognize them. This year, Spendefy will be the official source for all things “dope” in black business, starting with the phenomenal list of black women who prove that black girls rock! Although Jim Crow is no longer here, it is still a struggle for African Americans (especially women) to rise in the ranks of business and entrepreneurship due to systematic racism and other unforeseen barriers. However, these women have been resilient, persistent, and ultimately triumphant.

In honor of Black History Month, we are going above and beyond by launching the “Hidden Figures in Business” series where we will highlight amazing black women entrepreneurs who are absolutely dominating in their industry. If we want to progress and succeed, then we must be champions of our own stories. This month, we challenge all of our readers to help us spread the word! SHARE EVERYTHING about these spectacular black women who deserve to be lifted and celebrated by us first.