Diosa The Label

Diosa The Label is a vegan, cruelty-free Black-owned cosmetic and jewelry company that creates handmade cosmetics for women of color. Their eyeshadows show brilliantly on any skin tone. Just imagine, not having to apply tons of makeup for it to decorate your beautifully melanated skin. They also provide custom necklaces and chokers for those that want a personal touch to their styling.

K Body Creations

Created with love and care in Georgia, K Body Creations is a boutique body products company that provides all natural products free from chemicals, detergents, and parabens for skin of all types. The company was created by Kateena Thomas. She’s a Registered Radiographer that found a necessity to alleviate the effects of harsh hospital grade soaps against her skin. The necessity turned into a passion as she began cultivating her own line of products that not only nourish your skin, but also smell amazing.

Bahi Cosmetics

Bahi Cosmetics was created by Danielle Bahi, a makeup artist that has a deep rooted passion for great skin care because she believes, “Beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin.” After a lackluster search for skin care products that worked for her, she developed products that provided a solution. Bahi Cosmetics manifested as she began to create products that would work for other women of color with that natural melanated glow. Bahi even developed Cocoa Glow for the deeper skin tones that are normally ignored by most cosmetic companies.