As far as female trailblazers within our community go, Nicole Garner Scott is a perfect example. She is a PR specialist, author, speaker, and above all serial entrepreneur that continues to create platforms that empower women of color. Proud recipient of the Phoenix Award, the highest award given by the city of Atlanta, she exceeds expectations in her field and is constantly striving to be a resource of inspiration and direction for entrepreneurs.

This Georgia State University alumna comes from an era before social media, but watched it become intrinsically tied into the world of public relations and advertising. Her ability to keep ahead of the trends and adjust to the changing climates in her industry is a skill she has mastered by being an “active participant in life.” She explains her process as she stated, “I engage in as much new technology as I can, I subscribe to trend forecasting publications and I travel the world as much as possible to keep learning.”

Nicole published one book, Are You In? Inc. PR’s Alter Ego, in hopes to help young entrepreneurs with tools that she wished she would’ve had while starting her business in college. Her passion for mentorship has led her to write another book, 100 Things Your Mom Never Told You About Being A Female Entrepreneur, that should be completed by Summer 2017. Her experience as a Black woman in business has been both challenging and rewarding due to the fact that it forced her to become more creative and resourceful with her approach in business as she funded her own dreams. The struggles that she’s overcome in her twelve years of entrepreneurship have only further motivated her to continue to advocate for the female entrepreneurs everywhere. When asked if she ever thought about quitting, she replied,

“I have learned to quit for a while, [and] then come back smarter. Usually, when I hear those ‘you might as well just quit’ voices, they’re really just an early warning system that I’m headed for a breakdown. It means I’m so deep in it, and so committed to it, that I’ve ignored the earlier storm warnings and now that tornado is about to touch down. Now I interpret this as my smart signal saying, ‘what I’m doing isn’t working, it isn’t sustainable, and it isn’t going to be pretty when it all comes crashing down.’ – Which doesn’t mean I need to quit my business and start hitting the job listings. It means I need to quit doing what I’m doing the way I’m doing it and hit the reset button.”

Wise words that are firmly rooted within her psyche such as, “Anyone can do what you’re doing, but no one can be who you are being,” as her father often tells her, has been a reminder to continue to be true to her vision and “never dilute my personality or shy away from being front and center with what I bring to each situation I touch.” The results speak for themselves as Nicole Garner Scott continues to promote female entrepreneurship and facilitate ways for women to have access to resources for creating wealth for themselves.

Learn more about Nicole Garner Scott by visiting her website here.