Our search continues for America’s Dopest Black-Owned Businesses.

For all the healthy eaters, fitness fanatics, and smoothie lovers – have you heard of the Green Grotto Juice Bar?

Green Grotto Juice Bar is an organic fresh-pressed juice and smoothie shop where health, wellness, and entertainment merge into a “meeting of the minds”. Green Grotto believes that living a healthier lifestyle should be filled with nutrition and flavor.

All of Green Grotto’s recipes are crafted by CEO and celebrated mixologist turned juiceologist, Kieran Roberts. Kieran has been using mixology techniques to craft healthy, and flavorful juices for over 15 years. Growing up in the urban landscapes of Brooklyn, NY, Kieran realized the importance of living a happy life was rooted in a healthy lifestyle.

Green Grotto provides healthy beverages designed to replenish, reenergize, and deliver a tropical and refreshing taste! They press their juices on site using locally sourced produce to ensure the freshest and nutritious products to their customers.

Green Grotto’s got the juice!

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