Did you know? Coffee was first discovered by Africans.

Have you heard of Portrait Coffee? It’s a roaster and cafe for the West End of Atlanta. Spread the word!!!

The team at Portrait Coffee have a vision to reintroduce black coffee as an ode to our ancestors.

Did you know? Coffee was first discovered by Africans. Those first Ethiopian shepherds who noticed their goats were turned after eating this strange fruit, realized they could create a drink from it. In discovering coffee, they had no clue that in terms of daily global consumption, this drink would come second to only water. On the flip side, they also had no clue that their faces would be forgotten even though the pigment of the drink mirrored their own.

The Portrait Coffee team shares their goals for 2020:

Our goal is to produce a local coffee shop and roastery, in Atlanta. We believe that Portrait Coffee paints a new picture to inspire the next generation of aspiring black and brown entrepreneurs. We will be working with coffee importers to source coffee in a fair and sustainable way and hosting educational and pop up experiences over the next several months as we prepare to build out our brick and mortar location. Our goal is to open a retail location in the West End by the end of 2020.

Join them by supporting their Kickstarter fundraiser as they recover and celebrate this forgotten history. Visit Bit.ly/portraitcoffee