Today’s consumers value edge and authenticity when engaging with their favorite brands. As celebrities continue to rise into CEO’s of their own companies, we see their personalities woven into their brand story. 

As today’s entrepreneurs consider the scope of business, they can learn a thing or two from these celebrity CEO’s who know not to compromise quality or class when presenting their brands to the world. The following companies are an extension of the celebrities who made them, teaching us a lesson in authentic branding and excellence.


Rihanna exudes beauty and excellence and a twinge of security in her mysterious authenticity. We have seen Rihanna go from island girl to bad girl to grown woman and somehow, her Fenty lingerie and beauty line both reflect her badass behavior. 

Moving to do what other beauty brands weren’t doing, cater to women of all shades and sizes, Rihanna became the icon for what was missing in the world. As she operates in the music industry as a unique sound and presence, so do her products. 

Fenty is sexy but accessible and I think that’s what we love about Rihanna. While we know we can’t just call her up, she somehow seems and feels like the girl we could all be cool with. 


Many of us have been a fan of Tracee Ellis Ross since her starring role in Girlfriends. Her silly, yet sexy and down to earth demeanor is what compels us to follow and keep her nearby. Her wild, beautiful hair is a key attribute in who she is and her sense of fashion makes us swoon every time. 

Pattern is a celebration of freedom, acceptance, and beauty of the black hair experience. She combined an genuine message with a beautifully branded product and found her way into the hearts and homes of many a black women (and men). 

Tracee Ellis Ross releasing a hair care line not only aligns with her story of battling her hair growing up, but even the bright colors feel like a direct reflection of her aura and style. She didn’t stray far from her authenticity when creating this brand and we love her for it. 

Beats By Dre 

Since the late 80’s, Dr. Dre has accomplished a unique sound that has resonated through the hip hop community. Known as one of the most successful producers, he moved his love for sound and entertainment into his product Beats by Dre. 

Combining music and business, Dre created a product to give us the excitement of playback from the studio straight to the listeners ear. Like Dre’s sound, this product connects it’s users with premium audio. 

With exciting, innovative products and sleek branding designs, the presentation and ingenuity of Beats by Dre mimic his swag and passion for great, bold, sounds. 


Despite how you feel about Kanye, you have to admit, his personality is definitely mirrored in his brand. The multi Grammy award winning artist has recently inked a major 10-year partnership between YEEZY and Gap. The full collection is titled YEEZY Gap and will make its debut in 2021. 

Unpredictable yet surprisingly popular among the people, Kanye continues to push his brand beyond the status quo. His partnership with Adidas brought 1.3 billion, and Gap has already seen a 39% increase in shares. 

Kanye will continue to do what Kanye does, bring attention to himself and his brands, while promising unique fashions and unpredictable statements through brilliant creativity.  

Virginia Black Whiskey 

Virginia Black Whiskey is a collaboration between Drake and Brent Hocking, founder and creator of the original Deleon Tequila. The award winning artist, songwriter, rapper and actor, combined his passion for style, music, and the pursuit of good taste with a new and sleek brand in Virginia Black Whiskey. 

Drake is known for his consistent hits, class, and willingness to take it beyond the norm. He is a pro when it comes to staying within his winning circle, releasing excellence under the radar. 

His new whiskey is Drake personified; black and gold, elite, premium, and a favorite among the stars. Said to be the smoothest whiskey ever tasted, this brand is excellence by design.