We could all use more money in our bank accounts. As we get older, we find ourselves looking for ways to gain wealth without working from sun up to sun down. I interviewed our founder, Antwon Davis, to gain insight into ways he personally builds wealth. Based on his knowledge and tips from experts all over the world, here are 7 ways to build wealth in the US economy.  


Stocks and bonds

For those new to the term, buying stocks is simply buying shares in a company. Buying a stock in a company makes you part owner of that company. Because stock prices go up and down frequently,  you are able to buy in when they’re low and then sell when they’re high, which leaves you with a profit. There is a science to it, and as with any investment, there is definite risk. But if you can get the hang of it, you can come out on top. 

When doing your research, check out index funds, they’re typically low cost and a bit more on the passive side for those who want to make extra money and take up less time doing it. 

Equity in another business 

Investing in another business can help you build wealth as well. Investing money in an emerging business that you suspect will do well is a way to partner with others and make money that will multiply on it’s own. 

Art & Collectibles

It’s best to jump into the art and collectibles game when you’re familiar with the market. You can make a fortune buying and selling valuable Baseball cards and comic books but it’s a much riskier game.  Knowing this market means knowing what to buy and how long to hold it, while also understanding the more experience you gain, the better you’ll be. 


Crypto-currency is virtual money and there are varying petitions and opinions about cryptocurrency. It’s been called the ‘money of the future’ by some and others have warned people to stay away. 

It’s a complex and unique technology but experts say it’s very accessible and easy to understand once you’ve done your research. There are many benefits to having cryptocurrency. It’s not regulated nor can transactions be fraudulent. There are many things to learn and many ways to invest; look into it and see if it’s right for you. 

Retirement Savings Accounts


Tap into your companies 401(k) plan and save up money for your retirement. These are setup through your employer and the money will be deducted from your paycheck. 

Roth IRA

Any money deposited into your Roth IRA account is tax free when you withdraw from it. These accounts can be set up at various financial institutions such as discount brokerages, banks or mutual fund companies. 

Automate Your Savings

This is a simple and easy one. Create a bill pay or automatic debit from your bank account to a savings account at another bank or to an app that you won’t frequent or touch. 

Buy a Home

Buying a home gives you equity. If and when you pay off your mortgage, you are able to sell it for more money or rent it out. Otherwise, you’ll have a valuable asset you can leverage when trying to acquire more wealth. 

A few tips when buying a home to ensure you’re still building wealth: 

Pay off your mortgage early. 

If you’re able, double your mortgage payments each month. You’ll pay off your mortgage early, lower your bills in the future and be able to use the extra money for other investments OR rent out your home. 

Choose a home you can afford.

This one is simple. When choosing a home, choose one that will not stretch your pockets too far. Choose a home with a mortgage that fits into your lifestyle. 

Get homeowners insurance. 

Homeowners insurance will protect you if anything goes wrong. It’s a simple step and you can acquire homeowners insurance from a variety of insurance companies. 

Get Insurance

Open A Health Savings Account

If you’ve never heard of a Health Savings Account, you’re not alone. An HSA paired with an HSA-qualified health plan allows you to make tax-free contributions to a federally insured savings account. These accounts earn tax-free interest and can be used to pay for qualified medical expenses. 

Make sure to do a little digging about these accounts because there are several benefits and ways they can be used to build wealth.

Start A Business 

This is an obvious way to build wealth, and one almost everyone should consider. Whether it’s a small business that can run itself or a business that can fill a need; starting a business can be the way out of pay check to paycheck living and an extra source of income to pay down bills, invest, or save up for something big. 

Starting a business isn’t easy but it’s also not as difficult as one may think – but that’s a different blog for a different day. 


Many of our renowned media moguls have built their way up by investing in smart real estate in various ways. Here are a few different ways you can use  real estate to make extra money.

Buy and Hold For Rental 

You can buy a property and rent it out over and over, making your money back plus some. There are also short term rentals for 3-6 months which allow you to get your money back without managing long term tenants.

Buy and hold

If you have the financial capabilities to buy and hold a property for a long period of time, you can do so and simply sell it for more. This method is best for those who want to make money from a property without having to manage tenants and repairs. This can look like buying an old abandoned house and selling it to a home improvement company or another investor. 

Fix and flip 

This one is simple, you can buy a property, fix it up, and then sell it for double the price. As long as you can find the people to come in and do the work (or you do the work yourself), you can do this as many times as you’re able. 

Limit Your Burdens

Tax Burden 

You can pay less in taxes if you’re smart about claiming deductions and credits. Self employed workers and business owners have more opportunities in this area. Business deductions, home office deductions, and credit for higher education are just a few ways to pay less takes. There is a U.S.News article that spells out about 15 different ways to lower your tax burden – check it out. 

Limit Expenses 

This is one we all understand yet not all of us are willing to do it. Limiting expenses typically means living below our means. Spending less on things like cable or food. Cooking more, eating out less. Limiting subscriptions and other things we spend our money on. Building wealth is not just about spending to make more; it’s also about keeping more of your money than you spend. 

Pay Down Debt 

In keeping more of our money, we can do things like pay down debt. Getting rid of debt doesn’t only help because you no longer owe the government or a bank institution; it helps your credit, which allows you to qualify for buying a home and pay less for insurance. 

Do you have other ways you build wealth? Feel free to leave us a comment. We’re all about owning and spending the dollar where it benefits US.