“Hard work pays off / wrong it pays good as hell”

– Big Sean

Due to the global pandemic, dubbed COVID-19, the NBA basketball season was abruptly paused. For about four months, we sat in limbo, wondering if the season would return while NBA officials negotiated and planned. The result became known as the NBA Bubble — the players would report to Orlando, Florida and they would be holed away on Disney Worlds property. It began on July 9th.

On October 11th, they crowned the Los Angeles Lakers as the 2020 NBA Champions. Three months; no positive coronavirus cases in the Bubble. A profound accomplishment, to say the least.

Aside from that, we also witnessed Lebron James furthering his legacy and intensifying the debate of who should be considered the G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time). He demonstrated in this series — the entire season as a whole — what greatness looks like. After beating the Miami Heat, four games to two, this is some of what he had to say:

“Because when you’re able to put yourself in this position — to be able to win a championship — the first thing you start to think about is how much work you’ve put in over the course of the year; how much you’ve sacrificed, how much you’ve dedicated to the game — to your craft. That’s always been the most fulfilling thing for me, besides seeing my teammates as happy as they are, is being able to know that you can put the work in, literally, trust the process, live about the process and see the results. And I think not only for a basketball player but for everybody, whatever craft whatever workspace you’re in — to be able to put in the work in to be able to put the work in, live along the process and build along the process and see the results — I think we all live for that moment.”

Social media has fooled us into thinking being an entrepreneur is all glitz and glam. Of course, there are advantages that come with making your own schedule and paying yourself first and running your own business — but there are sacrifices, as well.

There are the mundane moments, in the middle of the night when no one is there to help you and there is too much to do but it all has to be done; there are the bills that have to be paid and no money to pay them; there are the risks you take and all you have is a hope and a prayer.

All of these sacrifices make winning that much sweeter.

For all of Lebron’s natural talent and physical attributes, he is known for his monstrous work ethic. All over his social media he posts videos of being in the gym, working out and having fun — enjoying the process. This was apparent over the pause. While the possibilities of finishing the 19-20 season were unclear, he never stopped working. He continued to do the things that have made him the best basketball player of our generation.

We can learn something vital here.

It doesn’t matter what it looks like. All that matters is our willingness to sacrifice and dedicate ourselves to our mission. When the outcome doesn’t look promising we have a decision to make: Are we doing this for what we stand to gain? Or are we here because the process is irresistible?

Money gets spent, awards come and go, but the process is constant. Give yourself the permission to let the result go and place your attention on the journey. As your bank account fills and the world recognizes the powerhouse that you are, you will be able to say, “I lived the process and the rest took care of itself.”