This Black Friday, Spendefy will help Black-Owned Businesses increase their revenue through Black Friday Sales. Our goal has always been to leverage the power of our dollar for economic and social good. This year, we are selecting 9 Black businesses to do just that.

In 2019, Black Friday online shopping sales hit $7.4 billion. This year, we want to see more sales go back to our community by promoting sales from black-owned businesses. As we put our influence to the test, we want to increase awareness of amazing Black Businesses and help to move green dollars into black hands.

Why Shop Black

It is no question we possess the leverage and power to create a new reality for the black community. The Black Lives Matter movement, political unrest, and systematic oppression are all indications that we need to come together as a community to do economic and social good in this country.

Moving green dollars into black hands is how we do that. We support and uplift each other, but mainly, we push the economy to bend to our needs. We create our own economy by investing in one another— and not just for the sake of doing so, but for the sake of building a solid foundation while patronizing quality products and services from those who look like us.

Our former President Barack Obama advocated for small business owners because those are the people who make America move. We have the opportunity to spend in places that will serve our communities and with those who understand what it means to be black in America.

Our Spendefy Exclusive Black Friday List will promote black-owned businesses who move with excellence and honesty; despite the odds stacked against them.

How We Win

We invited Black Businesses around the country to apply to join our Black Friday campaign. Of those, we have selected 9 to be featured on our first ever Spendefy Black Friday List.

When customers use our promo code ‘Spendefy’, these businesses will know you found them through Spendefy; giving you access to their special promotions.

We want to continue our mission of helping conscious consumers find dope black businesses.  When you patronize the businesses on our top 10 list, you are investing in the idea that black entrepreneurs are valuable assets of the black community.

Lookout for our Spendefy Black Friday list in the coming weeks as you get your money ready for Black Friday. Let’s make this the blackest Black Friday we’ve ever had.