By the time you read this, election day will have come and gone. Either we will have a new president or the same one from the last four years will retain office. Election year is always chaotic and angst-filled — on top of everything 2020 has already been, it is no wonder so many people are feeling the weight.

If nothing else, the respective political campaigns and  media machines do a masterful job of making us feel like the world might end should one candidate win over the other. My intention is not to diminish the importance of the times we are living in; however, can I offer you a reminder?

We have been here before.

Every four years we are fighting a fight for the soul of America. We are exchanging political artillery in this war of attrition that we can’t escape by virtue of the country we live in — and the cycle continues. 

But there is something that will never change; we have to depend on one another. I daresay, Satan himself could be the president and that would be no match for us united.

Forbes reported, “Nearly half of Black small businesses had been wiped out by the end of April as the pandemic ravaged minority communities disproportionately, according to a report from the New York Fed.”

This is unacceptable. So when I think about what it looks like for us to unite, I think about the entrepreneurs and business owners I know and what it would like for me to buy their products; what would it like for me to go out of my way to stop by the Black owned coffee shop I haven’t been to in awhile; or purchasing that dope T-shirt I saw on Instagram last week; or making sure I support my friends Kickstarter campaign that launched two days ago. Sometimes this is activism. This is rebellion. 

Listen, the government is going to government. We know that. They show us everyday. I want to encourage (see challenge) us to support our people with our dollars. It is important. It is necessary. 

Whoever is president won’t care about us the way we care about us. So we have to do it. It is only right.