What You Actually Need To Know About Branding

We’re nearing the end of the year and while most of us are thinking about Christmas plans and New Years resolutions, budding and veteran entrepreneurs are considering how to build and enhance their brand to expand their reach and show up better.

In the land of business, branding is what makes you distinct. Your message, mission, and motive all work together to distinguish you within a marketplace.

Here are about 5 tips to creating a brand that not only tells your story, but finds the audience who needs to hear it most.

You Need To Know Your Message

What are you delivering? What do you stand on? What can you always portray and expel no matter what products you create? What are you saying? Are you like Apple and you just what to inspire creativity? Because that’s enough! Or are you like google and you want to organize the worlds information.

You Need To Know Your Audience 

Are you making dog treats for humans? Are you styling bird cages for pet owners? Are you creating a new service where people can find their spouse by meeting at random drinking fountains? Hopefully you aren’t doing any of these, but if you are, I’d advise you to get as specific as possible about who you’re looking for. 

People are often hesitant about choosing their audience but it helps to choose who you’re talking to. Once you’ve figured out your audience, you can tailor everything you do towards finding them and helping them find you. 

You Need To Know What Your Audience Is Saying, Hearing, Thinking, and Needing?   

Ask yourself some questions. If my audience is single moms under the age of 40, what are they going through? What are they thinking? What are they hearing all the time? What are they dealing with? What do they need? 

Find people in your target audience and ask them these questions. Ask your friends. Ask your family. Ask Facebook. Get a feel for who your audience is, what they can afford, what they want and who they are. Doing the research will validate some things you already knew but it may also show you that your target audience is really single women under the age of 40 who don’t have children but want them one day. You never know until you do the research.

You Need To Lead Them To You. 

You can find different ways to appeal to your audience simply by knowing where they are. Consider your branding like a huge bat signal — where would you put it so that you’re audience can easily see you? What does your signal look like? How does it feel? Fun and exciting or calm and serene? Devise a place where you can find these people without having to look too hard for them. For example, if you know your favorite place to shop is also the breeding ground for people who need you, find a way to connect your brand to theirs. 

You can use tactics and language, colloquialisms, art, or food — whatever it is that attracts the people you need to attract and bring them straight to you. 

You Need To Know Where You’re Taking Them. 

Where are you taking them?! If you are posting messages on social media – great, do it. But where are you leading them? Back to a website? To buy something? To read something? Are you simply leading them to themselves (which is fine if you are.) Either way, figure out where exactly you want your followers and readers and engagers to go. Take them somewhere. Create a chain for them to follow and make it really easy for them to get there. 

.     .     .

Whether your message is “clean at any age” or “let it all hang out;” by following these five rules, you create a beautiful recipe for people to come back to you over and over again. 

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