It’s February. We all know that means all month we are going to be seeing various facts from Black history as well as Advertisements for Valentines Day. For some, it may be difficult to believe Black men are choosing Black women, in a world where everything in the media is pointing in the opposite direction. But according to studies, 83% of Black men, 100k annually, are marrying Black women. (ARGUE WITH YOUR MOTHER! LOL)

 True, or not, we wanted to take a few moments to honor some of our favorite Black couples! FOR THE CULTURE!!

Jay-Z and Beyonce

You already know we Hov and Bey gotta make the list. A perennial power couple who, whenever we see them they are shining and glowing, all while doing the family thing — they’ve made having a family cool. And sure, it’s been a bumpy ride but that only enhances their legend. Them showing the good, the bad,and the ugly of Black Love has been nothing short of amazing!

President Barack and Michelle Obama

Forever our President and First Lady, this couple will always be a model of Black Love for our community. The way they carry themselves, in and out of office, has only cemented just how precious and necessary they are. Since leaving the White House, the two have invested in film and other ventures to help move the culture forward and tell the stories that matter. 

Oprah and Steadman

Oprah and Steadman have been together longer than some of us have been alive. Lowkey, Steadman is a legend. Because of their commitment to privacy, he isn’t seen often, but everyone knows what it is. We used to talk about Steadman like the boogeyman, an urban myth that may or not be real. But he is very real and they are definitely in the Black Love Hall of Fame. WE LOVE TO SEE IT!

Will and Jada

What can we say about Will and Jada? Last year was rough year for them but it only proved just how important they are to the community. They are doing Black Love and redefining it right in front of our eyes. What that definition is, we might be certain of. But it seems to be working for them and all of us could take a page out of their book as it relates to loving and accepting the people we say we love. 

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union

This relationship started out with some controversy but since then, this couple has seemed like nothing but gold. From the commercials they do together, to the way they are handling and accepting their daughter as she is on her journey of discovery. It seems like whenever, wherever we see them they are standing for something and they always seem to be on the same page as they do so. 


The best thing about this list is that these relationships are different and have different dynamics to them and still finding ways to make it work… (so far!) Every single one of them have gone through hard times both publicly and privately and maybe, it has made them stronger? Either way, Black Love is everywhere and thriving!