With Covid restrictions lifting and vaccine’s poppin’, people are finding new ways to have fun and spring forward. Below are three different black owned businesses to patronize as you embrace Spring.

1. 420 with Viola 

Viola, one of the nation’s leading cannabis companies, is owned by Al Harrington and named after his grandmother, Viola. Founded in 2011, the premium cannabis operation carries dank flowers, pre-rolls, moon rocks, sauces, and waxes, packaged in violet packaging.

Viola established its first facility in Colorado and has since expanded to Oregon, California, and Detroit. If you’re looking for a quality black owned business to support for 420, (and cannabis is legal in your state) this one may be it. 

2. Brunch with Breakfast at Barneys

If you’re in Atlanta and looking for somewhere to brunch, this one is for you. Breakfast At Barneys is a family run business founded by two AUC alumni friends “Barney” Lee Berry Jr & Dr. Rashad Sanford. They dreamt about creating a place in downtown Atlanta where people of all backgrounds could meet during the day to enjoy food, culture, and good times.

Part breakfast/brunch eatery and part daytime social club, Breakfast at Barneys offers decadent comfort food in a uniquely designed and stylish atmosphere with positive vibes and good music.

3. Spring Cleaning with Pinch of help

Pinch of help was started by Brittani Allen after she was asked to organize a friend’s office space. From that point on, she has been helping families and entrepreneurs organize their home and work spaces; creating systems that help them love where they dwell. 

They offer everything from home organization for all spaces to relocation/moving services and closet design. Contact them via PinchofHelp.com for help getting your space in order. 

Happy Spring  and if you patronize one of these places, be sure to tag them!