We see what’s been happening. Outside is open and so is your wallet. Being inside for an entire year helped us save a lot of money (aside from the outrageous number of Amazon and online purchases) but since the doors of the world have been opened back up, we’ve been spending a lot more than we probably should. Well, we thought we’d help you spend more money by putting together a short list of ways you should be spending your money, because if you are going to spend, at the very least #spenddifferent. 


There is never a bad time to have a good time. Don’t feel guilty if you love to have fun. It’s one of the essential needs to live a good life. Click here to check out our listings for black owned bars and clubs (if you’re into that kind of thing). 


New home. New 401K. New RothIRA — New future, Who this? It’s true that we shouldn’t obsess over our future but it is also true that we should prepare for it. Click here to find black owned banking and finance businesses that may be able to help you with that.


When you look good, you feel good. Every time a new season comes around, you have a valid excuse to change your style up. To add some new black owned designers and apparel to your wardrobe, click here.


You gotta eat. And when you do, you should enjoy every single food experience you have — or you should at least try. If there’s one thing black people know how to do, it’s cook. Check out some of the best black owned restaurants and food services right here


You aren’t the only who one has been thinking about making a physical change. If you’re ready to put some action to that thought, you can get ya body right with these black owned health and wellness brands. Funding

Fund good ideas and watch the world change. Giving is a privilege that helps others move their mission forward. In case you need a little help on where to direct your funds, here are a few black owned non profits that could use your help. 

As always, if you’re ever looking for more black owned businesses and brands, check out our directory.