Can you believe it is November already? It feels like just last month we were talking about the new year and goals and making this year different than the hell that was 2020. Nevertheless, here we are gearing up for the holiday season. 

Despite your thoughts/feelings on Thanksgiving, the majority of us are spending time with family around this time. I know a tradition for many households is to spend some time going around the room and saying what everyone is thankful for. We wanted to do that this year. Because we aren’t sure if you hear it enough but…


If you are reading this, odds are you are an entrepreneur/business owner. Day in and day out you are hustling — sending and receiving emails, looking for new clients, trying to please old ones, and doing what it takes to keep the lights on. 

It is hard work. And a lot of times it is thankless. People see the successes and forget about all the failures that go into running a business. 

But we want to tell you that we see you. We see the long hours you are putting in and the sacrifices you are making — and we are thankful for you.

We are thankful we get an opportunity to try and place resources and ideas in front of you that may make the journey just a little easier, the burden a little lighter. 

As we head into Thanksgiving whether with family or alone, our prayer is that there is something you can find about this journey to be thankful for as well. Maybe that thing can be a spark for you as we prepare to close the year out and plan for the start of a new one. 

In the comments below, let us know if you have one thing about this journey you are thankful for! We would love to hear it.