As with every new year, comes the desire to set new goals or resolutions. People just want to do better, and be better than they were last year and it’s great. Really, we should always strive to be better, every day. 

Setting new year’s resolutions is fine. Just know that, It’s ok to take your time. Some things can be done in a day, some things can be done in a decade. Furthermore, as humans, we change our minds quite often, so what you want or who you want to be today may be totally different than what or who you want to be next month. Be open to change. 


I think setting intentions without attachment or expectations on the outcome can be a way we free ourselves from the pressure of having it all together and having it all now. Set your intentions and get creative with setting weekly goals or even daily goals that align with that specific intention. 

Humble Mumble

Think about keeping some of your goals and intentions to yourself. While the support of others can be helpful, it can also put pressure on us to achieve and appease others rather than ourselves, which is disingenuous and unfavorable to our growth as individuals.

Gratitude and Grace

Give thanks to this past year. You made it through another one, no matter how challenging it was, you made it here. Be thankful for the lessons you’ve learned, appreciate and honor the loved ones in your life, whether they are here or not. If these past two years have taught us anything, it’s taught us the importance of tending to the things that really matter in life; love, community, health, wellness, freedom.