Black women are taking over and it’s beautiful to watch. Historically, Black women have been the backbone of our communities. When someone is needed to fill the void, Black women have done so. Women are always on the frontlines, in every situation, from activism to family life — they do it all. 

We thought it high time during this International Women’s Month to highlight and pay tribute to a few Black women we think you should have your eye on. 

Take a look!

Morgan DeBaun – Tech/Entrpreneurship

Instagram – @MorganDebaun

Most of you, probably , know Morgan DeBaun as the founder of Blavity Inc. But if you aren’t following her on Instagram, you are missing out. Her content is a mixture of lifestyle, her being her, and special announcements about events and platforms she is creating for Black women. She has become a powerhouse in the tech/entrepreneurship world and is doing what she can to spread the wealth. Check her out! 

Ashlee Haze – Poet

Instagram – @AshleeHaze 

Ashlee Haze is a poet, podcaster, and creator. She writes books, performs spoken word, travels and hosts workshops on anti-racism — she does it all. If you want to be inspired, she is the person to follow. Watching her Instagram is watching someone who has turned their passion into their livelihood. Also, if you’re a writer, you should follow her for her LIVE poetry workshops she does periodically. Well worth the follow!

Takia Lamb – Marketing/Social Media

Instagram – @TkConsultingdesign

DISCLAIMER: The writer of this article is married to her.

Takia Lamb is on the rise. She started an agency that builds brands from the ground up. Photography, web design, graphic design, social media management, email marketing — if you need it, she can more than likely do it. On her feed, you will find beautifully crafted posts that share business wisdom, excellent photography, and, of course, Black girl power. What more could you want?

Ohavia Phillips – Host/Motivational Speaker

Instagram – @OhaviaPhillips

If you want energy and motivation and some dancing, Ohavia Phillips is your girl. Ohavia is a ball of energy. She comes on the screen screaming, “What’s up beautiful people!” and it is on from there. She is on 100 from the jump. She is a hostess, journalist, and motivational speaker who isn’t shy about anything, especially, her love of Charlotte and the community. Her feed is filled with her showing up and serving her city through her talents. Give her a follow; you will not be disappointed.

Go and follow all these women. Support them and their businesses. Watch how they move and listen to the messages they have for us and our communities.

You will not be disappointed.