In 2020, the cannabis market hit about $20 Billion and is expected to reach over $100 Billion by 2028 according to Fortune Business. Between issues of equal opportunity and the financial barriers we face, Black people are still fighting for economic justice and this does not exclude the cannabis industry. Not only that but as Michelle Alexander from Color of Cannabis put it “Nothing has contributed more to the systematic mass incarceration of people of color in the United States than the war on drugs”. Upon the legalization of marijuana, those that have been incarcerated on a drug distribution charge should be released with charges dropped so that they can have a chance at starting a legalized business. 

Statistics show that in 2017 there were about 20,000 – 28,000 Cannabis businesses in the country. Of course that number has grown over the years but as stated in the Black community owns less than 5%. There have been many Black owned cannabis businesses opening up within the past two years following the pandemic which gives me hope that as the cannabis industry grows so will opportunities for Black businesses. It’s important for us to spread awareness and share the knowledge so that others know there are opportunities out here for us. Below is a list of Black owned businesses making a name for themselves in the Cannabis Industry.

Color of Cannabis

Denver, Colorado

Color of Cannabis was founded in 2019 by Sarah Woodson. It’s a non-profit pushing the initiative to support social equality for those who have been affected by the war on drugs. Their vision is to “increase the number of minority ownership in the cannabis industry.” If you’re interested in learning how to get involved in the cannabis business, you can sign up for their ten week course where they provide training, information on licensing, marketing and more. 

Caledonia Cannabis 

Caledonia County, Vermont

At Caledonia, they believe the more you nourish your plants the more healing your plant provides. Caledonia states “love:plant ratio is the DNA makeup of caledonia cannabis, and the idea on which our company was founded.” They were founded in 2018 by Arantha Farrow. Farrow has built a community of established farmers who know the land quite well, being that they’ve been there for generations specializing in organic produce. Collectively their goal is to provide cannabis users with organic CBD rooted in love. Shop their quality hemp oil here.

Legal Greens

Brockton, MA

Legal Greens is the first Black Woman owned dispensary in Massachusetts, established in 2019 by Vanessa Jean-Baptiste. She was the first applicant to apply for a license in her city and got it! Legal Greens is passionate about giving opportunity to women and minorities in their community. You can find flowers, pre-rolls, edibles and more in their shop!

Blunt Blowin Mama

Los Angeles, California

Founded in 2017 by Shonitria Anthony, Blunt Blowin Mama is a lifestyle brand and safe space for Moms who smoke cannabis. This is for moms who may have felt judged or judge themselves on their choice to smoke weed and parent. It’s also a community based platform for proud moms looking to educate themselves and join in on cannabis conscious conversations. 

Copper House

Detroit, Michigan

Copper House was founded by queer couple Cara and Jess Jackson. Their mission is rooted in equity, activism and community.  The Copper House is an actual house labeled a “Bud & Breakfast”. It’s 420 friendly and anyone can rent it out for an “equity focused gathering” or event!

Simply Pure

Denver, Colorado

Simply Pure started in 2010 by Wanda James and Master Chef Scott Durrah. They started in the culinary world creating edibles, gourmet sauces and confections cooked by certified chefs. Simply Pure sources from their own farm and everything is 100% organic. Fun fact from Simply Pure,“all of our plants are grown in pots with an organic substrate coco mix from coconut shells”. If you’re ever in Denver make sure to stop by their shop!


Bridgeview, Illinois

What I love about Chivita is their focus on educating the community. At Chivita, they offer classes on botanical extractions, infusions, and cultivation. You can find edibles, ice cream, cookies, drinks, flowers and more. Visit their shop and schedule a cultivation tour!

Below is a short list of other cannabis businesses and organization you can check out: