3 Black Owned Organizations That Support Mental Health

In honor of Mental Health Month we’ve chosen to highlight 3 Black Owned Organizations that are helping to uplift and motivate Black women and girls to nurture themselves through therapy and mental health education. 

The Sister Circle

Established August 2020 by Leah Hill McNair

The Sister Circle’s core values are prayer, integrity, accountability, excellence and personal development. They are taking a more spiritual approach when it comes to mental health. Their goal is to elevate and empower Black women through biblical teachings and community involvement. 

The Loveland Foundation

Established 2018 by Rachel Cargle

The Loveland Foundation focuses on bringing opportunity and healing to Black women and young girls. Through their collaboration with other therapy and mental health platforms such as Color Network, Open Path Collective, Talkspace etc. They are able to help make therapy affordable for Black women and girls. You can help make a donation through the Loveland Therapy Fund here.

Black Female Therapists and Black Male Therapists

Founded by Amber Dee

Black Therapists need therapists too which is why Amber decided to start Black Female Therapists and later established Black Male Therapists. “We live for being a go-to daily source for all things Black Female Therapists, Self-Care, Mental Wellness, Stress Management, Travel, Relationships and Mental Health.Her Organization is labeled a “lifestyle and empowerment platform”. It’s a safe space for Black therapists and mental health advocates to talk about mental health and wellness through weekly classes, podcasts, blogs and daily affirmations. 

It is imperative that we as Black people begin to heal the traumas of our personal and collective past. Healing begets growth. If you or anyone you know have been experiencing any mental health challenges. We encourage you to seek help. There is a plethora of resources dedicated to supporting mental health and therapy in the Black community.