It’s summer, the sun is beaming and we’re outside! This is a time for fun in the sun, swimming in pools and laying out at the beach. As women, our feminine health needs a little extra care in the summer. Depending on how your body reacts to heat, you may start to produce more sweat and moisture, which makes us susceptible to UTIs, yeast, and other vaginal infections. Maintaining a healthy diet and eating alkaline foods such as cucumbers, limes, leafy greens, seasonal fruits etc., is a great start to a healthy vagina. 

There are a few things you can do to maintain your vaginal health such as; wearing breathable panties, staying hydrated, taking probiotics, not spending all day in sweaty or wet clothing, etc.  Along with these preventative measures we can educate ourselves and adapt new healthy vaginal care practices to keep our pH balance and our spirits up. If you’ve experienced vaginal bacteria, yeast infections or if you just want to try new ways to improve your vaginal health, tap into “Femmagic”, a plant based- feminine care line dedicated to “nurturing your femininity”. 

Femmagic” was founded in 2016 by Maat Petrova. As an advocate for self-care, Maat has over 20 years of experience in holistic healing. She has been featured on panels and in expo’s centered around women empowerment and the divine feminine. She also teaches women how to manifest their dreams and desires through daily affirmations and wealth meditations. If you need any motivation just scroll through the IG feed, there’s a ton of inspiration and tips on feminine care. All Femmagic products are 100% plant based. Women from all over have been a testament to Femmagic products, claiming it to be a brand they can trust to help improve feminine health and build confidence. 

Below are a few magical products you’ll find at “Femmagic”

“Coocheewaa” a toxin free vaginal wash. “The best coochee wash ever” – Femmagic customer

“Vagelixir” – kills off bacteria, restores reproductive health and balances out your pH.


All products are 100% natural!!